Best Pre Workout Drinks

The market is littered with energy and pre workout drinks. Some drinks provide nothing but energy, while others have nutrients designed to enhance endurance, strength and the pump achieved during a workout. The best ones provide both.

It is best to avoid the pure energy drinks because they provide little support for the muscles and can often lead to stomach upset and other issues during intense training. Their diuretic effect can cause dehydration when training in hot conditions, as well. These drinks may give a good rush of energy right away but result in a major crash when the effect wears off.

The Best Pre Workout Drinks

Super Pump

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Drinks that provide some supporting nutrients have the best long term effects. Most of the pre workout drinks today fall under the NO (nitric oxide) category. These supplements, especially the second and third generation products coming out now, provide the energy needed to get through a workout and the nutrients needed to boost overall performance and enhance the pump during and after the workout.

What is in Pre Workout Drinks?

Most of the pre workout drinks contain creatine in some form. It is an important part of the energy process and can greatly enhance endurance and strength during workouts. Some of the more popular drinks include NO Shotgun by VPX, Dymatize Energy Xpand, NO Xplode, and Gaspari SuperPump 250. These are all good choices for those who want creatine and caffeine, along with other nutrients to super charge energy levels and create massive pumps.

There are some drinks that do not contain creatine, which is good for someone who wants to take their own version of creatine, separate from the drink. Some like to follow a strict loading and maintenance of their creatine, separate from pre workout supplementation. White Flood, by Controlled Labs, is one of those drinks. It has three proprietary blends that focus on energy, endurance, and blood flow. Another drink popular with some lifters, although not designed as a pre workout drink, is VPX Black Pearl. This drink was actually originally designed as a male libido enhancer. The drink is purported to increase male sex hormones (the same ones that promote muscle growth) and blood flow. One of the original pre workout drinks, Ultimate Orange, uses caffeine, carbohydrates, and protein to provide the energy needed to get through the workout and provide the necessary macronutrients to sustain the energy and begin repairing the muscles.

For those individuals sensitive to caffeine, they may find Dymatize Xpand or Nutrabolics NOZ useful. These are not specifically pre workout drinks, although their arginine and creatine contents suggest that they would make good options. They do have some, although not much, carbohydrates and protein in the formula. And Xpand throws in MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) for an added boost.

Top Pre Workout Drink Choices

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White Flood $59.95 $39.95 50 Buy Now

BSN’s NO Xplode and Gaspari SuperPump 250 are among the best pre workout drink choices for those who can tolerate the caffeine and want creatine in the formula. For those looking to add their own creatine to the mix Controlled Lab’s White Flood or Next Nutrition’s Ultimate Orange might be solid options. Those individuals looking for a libido boost along with the energy boost, might try VPX Black Pearl. Caffeine sensitive individuals might try Dymatize Xpand or Nutrabolics NOZ for a pre workout drink with the promise of increasing the pump and muscular endurance during the workout, without the buzz of the caffeine. And for those individuals who simply can’t find a pre workout drink that fits their needs, there is always the homemade pre workout drink, but that is another article.