Making a Homemade Workout Drink

There are many pre workout drinks on the market. There are also many multi-purpose drinks out there, as well. The energy drink market has exploded into the mainstream, with sales rivaling those of regular soft drinks. Many pre-mixed drinks traditionally found only on the shelves of the supplement store coolers have found their way to convenience stores. The market is flooded with options, but sometimes that simply adds to the confusion.

Many lifters opt for a much simpler, more convenient option, homemade workout drinks. With a little knowledge, some creativity, and a good blender, a solid workout drink can be put together right in the kitchen. There are many options when putting together a homemade drink for the workout. Flavor depends on personal taste. Consistency can be adjusted with the addition or subtraction of ingredients. Total caloric content can be adjusted, as well.

How To Make a Pre Workout Drink

To start there must be a base for the drink. Some opt to keep calories down by using water. Others go for the increased protein content of milk, while some use a fruit juice base (although this one must be approached with caution due to the high sugar content.) The consistency can be adjusted by adding ice cubes, or if using milk, by adding water. Once a base is decided on the ingredients in the drink must be chosen.

There are many options here. An inexpensive protein powder with easily digested, complete proteins can be added to boost overall protein content. A banana can be added for the potassium. Other fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, or even apples, can be added for additional vitamins and minerals, as well as flavor. Some fish oil, flax seed oil, or other essential fatty acid may be added to boost the fatty acid content and increase the benefit. Some people opt for juicing some vegetables for added vitamins and some necessary carbohydrates. This is dependent on personal preference and taste.

To increase thickness, some cream may be added. Blending the mix with ice cubes creates a frothy mixture. Blending on high speed also increases the froth. A slow mix will result in a smoother drink. If adding creatine to the drink, mix it at slower speeds to preserve the integrity of the supplement. Also, make sure the drink will be used within the hour because creatine does not sit well in liquid, and may form indigestible creatinine.

Flavor can be enhanced by adding a sugar substitute (Stevia is a great option for no calories and unparalleled sweetness.) No- or low-calorie syrups can be added, or even a small amount of chocolate or strawberry syrup. Some people find the flavor in the protein, or the fruits added, is enough flavor. Keeping the calories low enough (below 100 calories if taken with other food, or under 300 by itself) is important to avoid bloating and lethargy during the workout. The body can’t process a lot of calories at one time without reducing the energy used elsewhere. However, quality proteins and long lasting carbohydrates are important to make a complete pre workout drink. A good drink with around 250 calories may be started a half hour before the workout and sipped during the workout, along with water, to produce a staggered energy and nutrient release. This ensures adequate energy release and prompt replenishment of energy stores, along with quick repair of damaged muscles.

Home Made Pre-Workout Drinks – Bottom Line

While there are a multitude of commercial pre workout drinks, there are just as many options for homemade workout drinks. The only limit is taste and creativity. Grab a blender, throw in some inexpensive ingredients, and mix up a homemade concoction to make the supplement companies jealous.  If you are looking for buy preworkout drinks then checl out the best preworkout drinks.