Gaspari’s Super Pump MAX

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Nitric oxide (NO) products have exploded onto the market with many variations and multiple formulas. They range from simple L-arginine formulas to more complex blends with creatine, caffeine, and any number of other ingredients. These supplements vary in price as much as they vary in ingredients. One of those supplements packed with extra ingredients is Gaspari’s Super Pump MAX.

What is Super Pump MAX

Super Pump MAX is an NO pre workout drink mix that is designed to provide energy, focus, endurance, strength and mind-blowing pumps. Super Pump is also promoted as a potent lean mass builder and fat loss enhancer. The ingredients, although not all easily understood or explained, are similar to other formulas, with some curious differences.

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This supplement has five proprietary blends (four of which are patent pending.)

The first, the Anabolic Signalling complex, contains the common arginine and creatine. These two ingredients are found in most NO products. However, there are also two questionable additions to this complex, salicylic acid (the active component of aspirin) and guanidino propionic acid (which may be a creatine uptake inhibitor.) It is unclear what their function is within the formula.

The Lipolytic/Xtreme Focus Agent is the second blend and this is a mix of agents known to lift mood, enhance concentration, improve alertness, and focus. This blend contains glucuronolactone (found in the Red Bull energy drink), caffeine, tyrosine, ginkgo biloba, vinpocetine, huperzine, Rhodiola rosea, and N-acetyl-cysteine.

Myogenic Transcription Factor/Agonist is the third blend with many staples of bodybuilding supplementation. These include Branched-chain amino acids, Glutamine, and Tauine. Other ingredients in this formula are less obvious, such as turkesterone, choline, and citrulline.

The fourth complex is the Insulin Secretagogue complex. It is a confusing name because not all of the ingredients influence insulin or glucose control. The cinnamon and 4-hydroxyisoleucine both have positive benefits in the glucose control department, but the other ingredients in the blend have not been shown to affect it at all.

The final formula is the IntraSORB Rapid Absorption-Myo-Hydration Matrix. It contains bicarbonate, electrolytes, Alpha-lipoid acid, and Bioperine.

Super Pump MAX Review

Super Pump  does live up to its hype of providing energy for the workout and strong pumps during the workout. The fat loss claims may be a little overstated, but the increase in lean mass will eventually lead to decreased fat stores. The pump is legitimate and the caffeine rush is definite. The pump first becomes evident in the increased vascularity. It may be a little intense for late night workouts, and may lead to sleeping difficulties.

The taste is okay and the exact mixture will vary by taste and caffeine effect. The consistency is the same as most powder mixtures. The 32 calories is kind of low to sustain the energy throughout the workout and the lack of protein leaves that area lacking. It does cause some intestinal discomfort and may require a trip to the can after the first set or two.

Overall, this product has some potential, although it may be loaded with some unnecessary ingredients that do noting but add to the cost and affect absorption. It is worth a try and may be just the ticket for increased pump and super charged energy.

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