How Much Sucralose Is Safe?

Sucralose, otherwise known as Splenda, is the most widely used sugar substitute in consumer products. It’s literally in almost everything. But how safe is it and how much should you consume per day?

The FDA has set an acceptable daily intake (ADI) of sucralose of 5mg per kilogram of body weight. Translating that to pounds looks like: 5mg of sucralose per 2.2lbs. That means you should consume no more than 2.27mg of sucralose per pound of body weight.

Here’s a handy table to help you understand how much sucralose you should consume per day according to the FDA guidelines based on your weight range. Keep in mind that this is the upper limit so you may want to keep your numbers lower:

Daily Limit of Sucralose Intake

Body WeightDaily Limit on Sucralose
70 lbs159 mg
80 lbs182 mg
90 lbs204 mg
100 lbs227 mg
110 lbs250 mg
120 lbs272 mg
130 lbs295 mg
140 lbs318 mg
150 lbs341 mg
160 lbs363 mg
170 lbs386 mg
180 lbs409 mg
190 lbs431 mg
200 lbs454 mg
210 lbs478 mg
220 lbs499 mg
230 lbs522 mg
240 lbs545 mg
250 lbs568 mg
260 lbs590 mg

So knowing how much sucralose you should take per day is one thing but how do you know how much sucralose you are consuming?

Unfortunately a lot of products that use sucralose do not disclose the amount. Energy Drinks and pre-workout supplements being a big culprit here.

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For example, Bang Energy Drinks are said to contain 20mg of sucralose. And some pre-workout drinks contain over 100mg of sucralose.

What you have to be careful of is the total amount creeping up over time.

Is it Safe To Drink Sucralose Daily

This largely depends on who you ask and what they consider “safe.”

Some people don’t think any artificial sweetener is safe, simply because it’s artificial.

That being said, most long term studies on sucralose show little to no negative effects from long term sucralose use as long as you stay under the daily limit. The problem is if you overdue sucralose daily for a long period of time.

However, a daily energy drink should not be a problem.

Is Sucralose Bad for Your Gut?

Some studies suggest that sucralose and other artificial sweeteners are bad for your gut biome. However, there are other studies which call this into question. One fact that seems important is the duration and amount of sucralose. At 20% of the ADI, sucralose does not seem to impact gut health. At 100% ADI for 6 straight months, it seems to have negative consequences.

Cycling off sucralose for a week every few months may be a good idea until more definitive studies are done.

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