Pre-Workout Ingredients

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Below is our comprehensive list of Pre-Workout ingredients. Sourced from this 2019 study on the prevalence of various ingredients in multi-ingredient preworkout formulations on the market.

Energy Ingredients

Energy ingredients work in a variety of ways in pre-workouts. The two most common ways that they work are either by improving cellular energy or by blocking the neurological chemicals that tell our body to rest.

Blood Flow & Pump Ingredients

Pre-workout muscle pump ingredients work in three primary ways. First, they can initiate the arginine pathway for nitric oxide production (e.g. L-Citrulline). Second, they can initiate the nitrate pathway for nitric oxide production (e.g. red spinach extract). And third, they can hyper hydrate the muscles (e.g. Glycerol).

Strength Ingredients

Strength ingredients work by supporting muscular function, endurance and even recovery (better recovery equals stronger muscles).

Endurance Ingredients

Ingredients for endurance are all about getting nutrition and oxygen to the muscles, blocking perceptions of fatigue, and buffering against the buildup of acids that contribute to fatigue.

Focus Ingredients

Focus ingredients support the brain’s ability to dial in and stay attentive. There are multiple mechanisms including choline support as well ingredients that block perceptions of stress (stress can impede focus).

Mood-Boosting Ingredients

Mood-boosting ingredients support a feeling of well-being, often by regulating against oxidative stress or perceptions of stress.

Electrolyte Ingredients

Keeping electrolytes topped off in a healthy balance will support longer and more invigorating sessions. Electrolytes are great both in a pre-workout and replenished during a workout.

Fat Burn & Thermogenic Ingredients

Fat burner ingredients work by suppressing appetite and/or increasing calorie burn. A good thermogenic pre-workout will contain some of these ingredients.

Branded Ingredients

Some companies create branded ingredients that either guarantee quality or introduce a novel technology (like an extended release compound).