Ancient peat and apple fruit extract

IngredientImpactMain FunctionSecondary Dosage
ElevATP®8Delays FatigueIncreases Strength100-200 mg

ElevATP® is a patented ingredient made by FutureCeuticals and is one of the best pre-workout ingredients for strength and power.

What is ElevATP® and What Does it Do?

  • A natural blend of ancient peat and apple extracts
  • Contains several plant bio-inorganic trace minerals and polyphenol-rich apple extracts

Who Makes elevATP®?

This patented ingredient is made by FutureCeuticals. It consists of a proprietary blend of ancient peat and apple fruit extracts with clinical research supporting its ability to raise levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  ATP is commonly referred to as “the energy currency of the human body” because it provides the free energy to drive various processes including muscle contraction, blood flow, and neurotransmission.  The body does not store large amounts of ATP as it is continually being broken down and resynthesized via metabolic systems.  Therefore, dietary supplements with the ability to improve the supply of ATP have great potential for delaying fatigue and supporting training.  

How does ElevATP® work?

  • Increases the levels of blood and muscle ATP – the body’s energy currency
  • Improves performance, calorie burn, and body composition
  • Supports antioxidant capacity

The composition of this patented ingredient has been evaluated to be rich in bio-active compounds including several minerals and polyphenols.  Mitochondria, the primary energy-generating organelles, produce ATP through a series of enzyme complexes that require these minerals (e.g., iron, copper, manganese, magnesium), and polyphenols are also suggested to play an important role in mitochondrial function.  The inclusion of dietary supplements that indirectly increase ATP production has merit for a pre-workout supplement since enhancement of ATP supply has been associated with an increase in exercise-induced blood flow. It has also been speculated to improve resistance to fatiguing exercise and permit enhanced anabolic activity in the muscle.

ElevATP® is a proprietary blend of ancient peat and apple fruit extracts that are rich in bio-active compounds, including several minerals and polyphenols, that play a role in ATP production.

Evidence for effectiveness 

Body Composition

How does ElevATP® benefit exercise?

  • Boosts concentrations of our body’s currency of energy (i.e., ATP)
  • Improves exercise output
  • Enhances muscle growth, strength, and power

Pre-workout benefits of elevATP®

Pre-workout ingredients that increase the body’s ATP levels would be desirable. While the king of ATP-enhancing supplements remains to be creatine, other nutritional supplements with the ability to boost ATP levels have the potential to increase strength, power, and training adaptations.  ElevATP® may just be the next best candidate.  

The first study on elevATP benefits investigated the effect of this proprietary blend of ancient peat and apple fruit extracts on blood ATP levels.  In healthy subjects, a single serving of elevATP® caused a 64% increase in blood ATP levels. Interestingly, it has been suggested that an increase in ATP production may be associated with an increase in intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can compromise cell integrity by inducing oxidative stress and cellular dysfunction. 

It is important to note that this study reported a rise in blood ATP levels without a concomitant increase in ROS. The authors speculated two possible explanations for this finding. ElevATP® either increases blood ATP levels in a manner that is independent of ROS production or the compounds within elevATP® fight off the elevating levels of ROS.  A follow up study confirmed the ability of elevATP® to increase ATP concentrations in whole blood and investigated intramuscular ATP levels in a single subject via muscle biopsies.  Intramuscular ATP levels of the one subject increased significantly at 1 and 2 hours following ingestion of elevATP®, indicating that supplementation may allow for more of this energy compound inside the muscle. 

Studies show that a single serving of elevATP® can significantly increase blood ATP levels along with a possible enhancement of intramuscular ATP levels. 

The latest science of elevATP®

Based on the promising effects of elevATP® in resting healthy men and women, researchers have started investigating the effects of this novel ingredient on exercise capacity. The first pilot study to investigate the effects of elevATP® on exercise output showed that a single dose can improve exercise performance and calorie burn during a 20-minute stepping protocol in untrained individuals.  Additionally, acute ingestion of elevATP® as part of a multi-ingredient pre-workout has been shown to better maintain sprint cycling performance, improve bench press velocity during training, and aid cognitive performance.  However, it is difficult to determine the exact role of elevATP® as these supplements contain several other potentially ergogenic ingredients. 

ElevATP® Benefits For Workout Performance

Next, a few studies have reported that elevATP® can enhance responses to chronic resistance training. Supplementing with a single serving of elevATP® in combination with a resistance training program has been shown to improve measures of muscle hypertrophy. The same research team also reported that elevATP® benefited strength and power adaptations to resistance training and attenuated power loss during an overreaching phase of training. Importantly, these studies also demonstrated clinical safety as there were no adverse changes to health markers including blood chemistry profiles. 

One other study also found that supplementation with a combination of elevATP® and caffeine enhanced muscle growth during a resistance training program without adversely affecting blood chemistry.  Currently, the evidence is promising, yet more research is needed to further evaluate the acute and chronic effects of this supplement – particularly on endurance exercise, given its potential role in mitochondrial ATP production.

ElevATP® has shown to safely boost ATP levels, improve exercise output, and improve muscle growth and strength adaptations when combined with a resistance training program.

What to look for on the label

An effective dose of elevATP® has shown to be 150 milligrams.  All the research examining the effect of elevATP® has administered a dosage of 150 milligrams, therefore it is unknown if a higher dose would provide greater benefits. 

An effective dose of elevATP® has shown to be 150 milligrams (mg).   

Pre Workout with ElevATP®

Synergistic Effect with Other Pre-workout Ingredients?

Supplementing directly with exogenous ATP has not consistently shown to be a viable strategy to increase the body’s ATP levels as it seems to be rapidly degraded into its metabolites. Thus, dietary supplements with the ability to promote indirect ATP enhancement show great promise for boosting ATP levels and improving resistance to fatigue during exercise. Two other supplements that are thought to affect ATP availability include creatine and nitric oxide boosters. 

Creatine is taken up by the muscle and used as a buffer to rapidly resynthesize ATP and maintain energy availability – particularly during high-intensity, short duration activity such as weightlifting and sprints. Nitric oxide boosters, such as nitrates and L-citrulline, enhance blood flow to the working muscle to reduce the energy cost of exercise. Plus, ATP enhancement may also play a role in promoting vasodilation and exercise-induced blood flow to complement the nitric oxide boosters. 

ElevATP® offers a distinct and potentially synergistic mechanism for boosting ATP and may work well with creatine, citrulline, and nitrate-rich ingredients. Yet, more research is warranted on the combined effects of these promising ingredients.

ElevATP® offers a distinct, and potentially synergistic, mechanism for boosting ATP levels and may work well with creatine, L-citrulline, and nitrate-rich ingredients.

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