Vitamin B12

IngredientImpactMain FunctionSecondary Dosage
Vitamin B123Brain FunctionEnergy25-50mg

What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient of the body that helps in the generation of DNA and nourishes the nervous system. This amazing nutrient can be found in natural food we consume, such as meat, dairy, and fish.

Vitamin B12 is also well-known as the energy vitamin for the body since it aids in the production of cellular energy.

This pre-workout ingredient aids in muscle growth and provides a surge of energy throughout your exercise. If you have Vitamin B12 insufficiency, you can consume Vitamin B12-rich foods and supplements to overcome it.

Vitamin B12 Pre-Workout Benefits

Solely utilizing vitamin supplements is not a budget-friendly solution. Nowadays, there are a lot of pre-workout supplements on the market that include Vitamin B12, which provides the same benefits. These amazing pre-workouts are much more efficient as they provide an overall benefit for your health. The following are the advantages of consuming Pre-workout containing Vitamin B12.

  • Improves Brain Function
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Minimizes Muscle Degeneration
  • Improves Cognitive Abilities

In a pre workout supplement, vitamin B12 is considered one of the best ingredients for endurance sports.

What are the Main Side Effects of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 has no major side effects. They are completely safe and healthy for the body. Such nutrients are recommended by doctors to help your general health. But always be careful not to overdose on it. Overdosing could result in symptoms such as discomfort, nausea, headache, dizziness, and vomiting.


Vitamin B12 is a fantastic supplement that benefits your body in several ways. Vitamin B12 improves concentration by allowing your brain to work more effectively. Furthermore, when taken with pre-workout supplements, the ingredient is extremely beneficial.


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