Selenium is a nutrient that is essential for your body. It helps in sustaining DNA synthesis, thyroid hormone metabolism, and defense against infection and oxidative stress. Additionally, it has been quite popular among users because of its antioxidant properties and pre-workout benefits.

Selenium is a component of glutathione, an antioxidant enzyme that may have protective benefits against osmotic damage and cell injury. Selenium is also frequently described as a natural testosterone enhancer.

Selenium: Pre-Workout Benefits

Pre-workout Selenium supplementation may minimize some of the oxidative stress induced by intense exercise, resulting in less cell damage and faster repair and recovery. Additionally, Selenium has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Prevent thyroid illness
  • Eliminate various diseases
  • It guards against cardiovascular disease
  • Helps stop the mental deterioration
  • Enhances the immunological system
  • It lessens asthmatic symptoms

What Are the Main Side Effects of Selenium

Selenium typically has no negative side effects when taken at recommended dosages. But excess use of Selenium may result in negative symptoms such as breathing problems, fever, nausea, renal and heart issues, and others. At excessive doses, there is also the possibility of death.


Selenium is a nutrient that may have a variety of health benefits. People can get Selenium by eating certain foods that naturally contain it. One best way is by adding dietary supplements containing Selenium to your diet. However, more extensive research is required to determine its effectiveness.

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