The Importance of Physical Education, Exercise, and Fitness For Kids

The importance of physical education, exercise, and fitness for kids is sometimes forgotten with all the other daily responsibilities. Running around playing with your friends, either at recess or during gym class, can be a lot of fun. And it’s also really good for you.

Getting plenty of exercise helps to make your body strong and healthy by making your heart and muscles work harder. Exercising also releases chemicals in your brain that make you happier and help you to focus. That means that you’ll be able to learn better when you get back to class after playing on the playground!

There are lots of different ways that you can exercise, and you’ll learn about some of them in gym class. You’re sure to find a few different types of exercise that are really fun for you and your friends. Whether you’re into team sports like soccer or basketball or you’d rather play tag, see who can make it across the monkey bars the fastest, ride a bike, or do yoga.

Fitness For Kids Resources

  • Ten Different Ways to Play Tag. If you’re getting tired of playing tag with your friends, try some of these ideas to shake things up.
  • Level Up! Run, jump, and duck your way through this fitness challenge and you might feel like you’re inside of a video game.
  • What if I Don’t Like Sports? You might just need to find the right sport, but there are also other ways to get the exercise you need without playing sports.
  • Indoor Recess: Get up and get moving along to some fun songs with Go Noodle!
  • Hiking Activity Card: Going hiking lets you exercise while you explore the outdoors.
  • Animal Fitness: Follow along with this teacher as she leads a group through exercises like the movements of different animals.
  • Beetle on Back: Try this exercise to make your stomach muscles stronger.
  • Yoga Poses for Kids. On Kids’ Yoga Day or any other day, you can do these yoga poses to make yourself stronger and calmer.
  • Easy TikTok Dances for Kids and Family: Dancing is a lot of fun and great exercise. Try some of these dances that got really popular on TikTok. You can do them either on your own or with your family or friends.
  • Ten Easy Home Exercises Parents Can Do With Kids. Try these activities with a parent and see if they can keep up with you!
  • Get Moving With Moana. This Disney video will get you up and moving while you act out different moves from Moana’s adventures.
  • How to Play Hopscotch. All you need is some empty pavement (like a sidewalk or a driveway), some sidewalk chalk, and a rock or other small object to play hopscotch with your friends.
  • Foursquare. Try this simple game with a few friends, or add some variations to make it more challenging.
  • Five Fun Workout Games for Healthy Kids. These games will really get your blood pumping!
  • Arm and Leg Tag: Here’s a fun kind of tag to play with friends.
  • Ten Popular Kids’ Games From Around the World: Have you ever wondered what games kids play in other countries? Learn how to play these games to see how other kids have fun.
  • Stair Ball. This is a really simple game, but it might surprised you that its also really fun!
  • Wishy Washy Washer Woman”: This silly song is really fun to sing and dance along to!
  • 30-Day Jump Rope Challenge: See if you can keep this challenge going for a whole month. At the end, you’ll be in better shape. And you might even be able to impress your friends with how long you can jump rope.
  • How to Do the Cupid Shuffle: Line dances are really easy and fun to do, and they’re also good exercise.
  • Ready, Set, Train: Run a 5K With Your Family. A 5K race is more than 3 miles, which might seem like way too far to run. But lots of people do it all the time, and some of them are kids. Learn how you can train yourself to run a 5K and you might just win one someday!
  • 60 a Day. You’re supposed to get a whole hour of exercise every day. That might sound like a lot, but you don’t have to do it all at once. You can sneak in a little bit of exercise throughout your day.
  • How to Play Scarecrow Tag: This version of tag is great to play outside on a fall day.
  • How to Play Red Light Green Light: Kids have been playing Red Light Green Light for generations, but it’s still as fun as it ever was.
  • “Boom Chicka Boom”: Follow along with the movements as you sing along with this silly song.
  • How to Climb a Tree: Climbing trees can be dangerous if you’re not careful, but it can also be great exercise.
  • Bounce Ball: Set up this game with your friends and see many catches you can get in a row.
  • Golf Around the Clock: Golf can look boring when you watch it on TV, but it’s a great sport to play. You can practice your putting skills with this activity.
  • Superhero Adventure: Follow along with this story and see if you can save the day!
  • Planning Out Your Workout. This page has lots of information about how to get fit.
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