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Avatar photo Waddup Waddup, it’s Garage Gym Homie! My name is Ari Levin and I’m a bodybuilder, supplement reviewer and Editor-in-Chief here at PWW.

I made the connection that working out gets me high at 7 years old, when I would run around my local track.

I’ve thrown my heart into bodybuilding for 10 years now at the same time that I got sober and recovered from the disease of addiction. I meal prep every week and have not fallen off from my clean eating and training regimen at all in the entirety of these 10 years.

A huge part of my life is helping addicts and alcoholics by sponsoring them and guiding them through the 12 steps, which I know deep down is my purpose. My passion is to motivate others to be healthy by getting them excited and teaching them about working out, supplementation, and clean living.

I’m currently working out 5 days per week and training each muscle group once per week and also doing 5 cardio sessions per week. I’ve reviewed over 1000 supplements on YouTube. 400 of those have been preworkouts and the others have been proteins, fat burners, sleep supplements, non stim preworkouts, and many more!

I look forward to continuing to grow spiritually, physically, and by helping more people!

Instagram: @garagegymhomie

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