Creatine boosts productivity even in non-workout areas of life

How Creatine Boosts Productivity in Kids & Adults

This week we ran across an interesting study on creatine. Amazingly, they found that the creatine levels in children accurately predicted their earning potential later in life.

In other words, kids who had higher creatine levels in their youth grew up to earn more money as adults. This study was done on a large population of Finnish youth in the 80s and 90s and is based on a large data set.

Why does creatine lead to higher earnings?

They hypothesize that creatine contributes to the following contributes to the following:

  • better functioning cells
  • higher energy levels
  • higher propensity for effort
  • greater perseverance
  • higher commitment levels

Is Creatine OK for Kids and Teens?

Given this fairly conclusive study, you might ask if it’s okay to supplement with creatine. A review of the literature found no negative side effects. Further, it questions whether the legal caution around creatine supplementation for teens may be detrimental to teen health. Especially if creatine has the promising health benefits that hundreds of studies show.

The bottom line is that creatine is natural, has no serious side effects, and has numerous health benefits. And now it even seems that creatine levels contribute to overall productivity in adulthood.

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