Ingredients for healthy pre-workout

What Makes a Pre-Workout Strong?

Is a strong pre-workout just one that has a lot of caffeine? Or is there more to it than that with other ingredients? The answer really depends on what you care about. Personally, when I think about a strong pre-workout, I think about three things:

  • caffeine dosage
  • l-citrulline dosage
  • beta-alanine dosage

3 most important ingredients

I see these as the three most important pre-workout ingredients. A strong pre-workout will have at minimum:

  1. 300mg of caffeine
  2. 6g of l-citrulline
  3. 3g of beta-alanine

In my opinion, if a pre-workout doesn’t hit these three minimums, then it can’t be counted as a strong pre-workout.

Some pre-workouts might have a lot of caffeine but not much l-citrulline or beta-alanine. I’d call these high-stim pre-workouts but I wouldn’t call them strong. You can call them whatever you want!

I’ve also seen pre-workouts with only 200mg of caffeine but loaded with 8g of l-citrulline and 4g of beta-alanine. Again, I wouldn’t call this strong because the caffeine dosage is actually weak here. Instead, I’d call this a high-pump and high-endurance pre-workout.

So let’s sum this up:

  • A pre-workout with at least 300mg can be considered high-stim.
  • A pre-workout with at least 6g of l-citrulline can be considered high-pump
  • A pre-workout with at least 3g of beta-alanine can be considered high-endurance
  • A pre-workout with all three can be considered strong

At least that’s how I see it. You’re free to make up your own rules!

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