Best Vegan Pre-Workout Meals

Eating a nutrition-filled, easily digestible meal before a workout session is critical. We sometimes see people having muscle cramps during a workout, or maybe they need a longer time to recover after an intense workout session. These things happen because of problems with their food intake before working out.

There are many plant-based meal options for us to get the best results from our workout. Healthy vegan pre-workout meals before exercising can eliminate muscle cramps, increase body strength, and ensure the desired outcome of our workout.

What are the Best Vegan Pre-Workout Food Combinations?

Making the pre-workout meal healthy but still delicious is always a fact that is greatly desired. The best pre-workout meal depends on your personal fitness goals and the individual requirements of the body. If developing muscle is your goal, someone else’s goal might be to lose weight. On that basis, the vegan pre-workout supplement and meal combination might be different.

The best food combination as a pre-workout meal must contain a mixture of carbohydrates, fiber, lipid, and protein. With a delicious, healthy food plan in mind, some plant-based meal combinations can supplement our body but also soothe our taste buds:

  • Granola bar, fruit, and tea: Before a short but intense session, a couple of slices of banana or a couple of wedges of apple with a granola bar can make a perfect meal to improve performance. Wash it all down with herbal tea and lots of water for the best effect, as the caffeine in these increases physical performance.
  • Nut butter and toast: Peanut butter or almond butter on toast can be eaten if you have a workout session within the hour. This combination will ensure a reduced depletion of glycogen in your muscle and will reduce muscle cramps.
  • Coffee, oatmeal and fruit: Fruits like pineapple, banana, etc, are high in fiber and carbs. They are great before short and intense workouts. Coffee can work as a fat burner while eating oatmeal before a workout also promotes weight loss.
  • Bread, dark chocolate, and nuts: Vegan, gluten-free bread can work miracles for longer sessions of exercise. Dark chocolate contains caffeine. Nuts such as almonds and peanuts provide the necessary stamina for a long run or cycling session.
  • Nuts, oatmeal, and smoothie: Nuts contain slow-release carbohydrates, helping fuel muscles for a longer period. Hazelnuts and walnuts have electrolytes, helping with longer muscle functionality. They are also a source of protein that helps muscle recovery. Fruit smoothies and oatmeal, along with some nuts, are good for longer workout sessions.

Vegan Pre-Workout Meals: Energy Source and Ingredients

Vegan meals that can improve your metabolism and help prepare your body before exercise are listed everywhere on the internet. These pre-workout meals work as an energy source for the body because while working out, the human body uses up much more amount of energy than on a typical day.

Exercise uses the stored glycogen in your body, converts it into glucose, and demands more. The lack of glycogen in muscles causes muscle cramps and hampers muscle recovery. That is why vegan pre-workout meals must contain all the important nutrients for the body. Scientists have figured out some ingredients that are must-haves for a vegan pre-workout diet:

  • Caffeine: Caffeine reduces the breakdown of glycogen and utilizes free fatty acid. This helps enhance exercise results. This way, caffeine helps in preparing for long-range, intense workouts. It is also a source of quick energy and fatigue-reducing ingredients.
  • Modified Starches: Starch is a type of carbohydrate that can be derived from potatoes, maize, wheat, etc. They provide a good source of carbohydrates, i.e., energy, to the body. Also, modified starches that are consumed as a pre-workout meal are proven to utilize body fat instead of stored carbs, which can increase endurance.
  • Protein: After working out, protein is a must for muscle recovery. The inclusion of protein in a pre-workout diet helps protein synthesis, reduces muscle damage, and increases muscle build-up. Vegan food items that contain carbohydrates as well as proteins, such as peas, lentils, tofu, kidney beans, etc., can cause better results.
  • Low-GI Carbohydrates: Carbohydrate is the main ingredient that provides energy to the body. GI refers to the Glycaemic index, which indicates the effect of carbohydrates on the level of sugar in the blood. Low GI carbohydrates cause a steadier sugar level, whereas high GI carbohydrates can cause a rapid increase. This is why scientists consider low GI carbohydrates to be better equipped to provide energy as a pre-workout nutrient.

Are there any Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements?

Vegan pre-workout supplements are plant-based products made to be taken before working out. They come in the form of drinks, powders, and capsules. These work as a healthy alternative to planned pre-workout meals to help the body receive the best benefits of working out. These vegan supplements are completely free of any animal by-products.

There are several vegan pre-workout supplements on the market. They contain some common key ingredients, such as:

  • BCAA: These are amino acids that help in improving muscle energy, prevent muscle damage, and cause fast recovery of muscle.
  • Creatine: It helps muscle growth and reduces cramps, increasing performance.
  • Caffeine: It burns fat, energizes the body, and boosts blood flow.
  • Beta-alanine: It helps prevent muscle soreness and tiredness. Also enhances performance.

The best vegan supplements for pre-workout that are currently on the market help us have all the nutrition we need without the hassle of meal preparation. Some of them are:

  • Shifted Premium Formula Pre-Workout: It contains harmless vegan elements that increase blood flow, reduce fatigue, increase muscle mass, and enhance stamina. Men and women can both use this supplement.
  • Transparent Labs Preseries Bulk Pre-Workout Supplements: It boasts a transparent formula and completely vegan ingredients. It increases focus, muscle growth, and steady recovery. This one is mostly designed for men.
  • Powher Pre-workout for Women: For women, there is no better vegan supplement than Powher Pre Workout. It helps increase exercise ability, increases stamina, boosts energy, and reduces exhaustion.

Conclusion of Vegan Pre-Workout Meals

To achieve our exercise goals, to improve our body performance, or to reduce weight – no matter what the reason for our working out is, following a pre-workout meal plan is a must. A disciplined meal plan before working out can vastly increase our chances of getting good results from our exercises.

Without a good diet, we may face physical problems while working out, which may lead to a loss of confidence in ourselves. So, get on a vegan pre-workout meal plan as soon as possible!

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